Bedroom Designs

Our bedrooms ooze sophistication, coming in various finishes and colours, with quality you’ll be proud of.

Finishes include:
High Gloss
Real Wood
Real Wood Painted
Vinyl Wrap
Laser Edged

All our bedrooms fit wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with a full interior including solid backs.

As with our kitchens, if you wish to keep the carcases, we will happily replace your doors, giving you a desirable space to relax in at a fraction of the cost of a full installation.

The benefits of a new bedroom
Bedrooms should be a tranquil place, somewhere you can relax and feel at home in. Over time, your tranquil space will loose it lustre and the calm you once felt will have long gone. Upgrading your bedroom to breathe new life and functionality will help towards you getting that well deserved sleep.

Benefits include:
1. A refreshed look that you will love to be in, from pale colours to rich dark ambers, whatever you choose, it’ll be right for you.

2. Improved storage efficiency meaning you’ll have a place for everything, so that its easy to hand, and we’ll reduce the amount of wasted space throughout.